The Field Misses Chance to Bury Rubio

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In sports betting you can take the favorite or bet the field. For instance, next season you could bet on the Patriots or take the rest of the league, known as the field. Well, at the republican debate in Houston, the field whiffed on a chance to bury Senator Rubio.  Rubio got into a one on one with Trump. The exchange was about negotiating between Israel and the Palestinians.

Rubio: “He thinks this is a real estate deal, he thinks he can negotiate like it is a real estate deal.” Trumps response was “yes probably the hardest negotiation on the planet.” All the candidates could have buried Rubio with the following facts…

Fact: This is a land deal.

Fact: Both side disagree about the ownership of East Jerusalem.

Fact: Both side disagree on who owns the Temple Mount also known as the Haram.

Fact: Both sides disagree on what is to be done about Jewish settlements on quote Palestinian Land.

To all of the candidates, yes it is a real estate deal. Please, all advisors to the candidates get these guys up to speed on the real causes and issues between these two governments. No one can fix a problem they don’t understand. Start with the Temple Mount and move on from there to the other issues.

(dr) Phil Kiver
After graduating from Eastern Washington University, Kiver joined the Army, serving overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chile, Kyrgyzstan and Germany. While stationed at Fort Hood Texas, Kiver anchored an Army news show on KCEN NBC in Waco, Texas. During this time, he received a master’s degree in Military History from American Military University. Currently, he is working on his PhD in Terrorism Studies. He has spoken at the Library of Congress, Ronald Reagan Library and Hillsdale University. Kiver is the author of “182 Days in Iraq” and “Iraq in Pictures," His books may be purchased directly from the publisher at
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  • Jonathan Trenn

    It wasn’t in Trump’s interest to bury Rubio. He may need him as a viable vice-presidential candidate.

    It was in Trump’s interest to, at least temporarily, have these two other, younger candidates still in the race where they still have to go after one another while trying to either position themselves as the alternative to Trump or as outright the best potential nominee.

    While Rubio and Cruz may not appeal to the same exact constituency, they both now a fighting for the same thing. Like to junior wannabees (at least for now) they can’t seem to break away from one another, assuring that Trump gets his 40%+.

    Cruz seems to be going no where now. He’s successfully positioning himself as the principled Constitutionalist conservative Republican with the belief that the United States is essentially a Christian nation. Which means he gets the votes of the principled constitutionalist conservative Republicans that have the belief that the United States is essentially a Christian nation.

    That means he seems to be getting 20-25% of the primary voters.

    Rubio, the guy who seems that a couple of years ago was the high school class president, gets the votes of the mainstream types who value his youth. Again, that’s about 20-25% of the vote.

    Kasich, the adult in the room, the reasonably successful two term governor of one of America’s largest states can’t seem to turn that into actual support. Not in this day an age where ability and experience actually matter. No. We live in an age where this is all show business.

    Which is exactly what we got last night with the three leading candidates.

    • Ed Low

      Ability and experience don’t actually matter. All one needs to succeed in these primaries is the ability to whip up a crowd into a frenzy and act really angry at the other party. It’s what got the last president elected…twice, which really speaks to the lack of political acumen of America’s voting electorate. Cruz is the only candidate who understands how America was designed to function as designed by the framers. It’s doubtful that a quarter of the electorate even understand the laws that our government are supposed to be governing by.

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