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Today’s entry kicks off a multi-part series on the millennial generation– aka Gen-Yers.  Part 1 looks at how millennials think about American political ideas.

As the primary season trudges along, some observations are in order. The silly actions of the remaining democratic candidates notwithstanding–Hillary Clinton’s  town-hall woofing, and notifying debate attendees that her late arrival from the commercial break was due to her age-related need to take a longer bathroom break;  trailed by her male counterpart, a virtual corpse, who  honeymooned in the former Soviet Union and who wants to import many of the former communist states political ideas into our republic.  His followers, the Berners, have parents who claimed Bob Dole was too old to be President.  These Gen-Yers are rising their clenched fists as the indoctrinated socialists revolutionaries that the left has created.  So, let’s take an inside look at these demanding and dependent “revolutionaries.”

I visit a college campus twice a week. Every time I am there, I am no longer shocked at what I hear and read from some Gen-Yers who are so out of touch with America’s ills that they’re more likely to sleep with their cell phone than explore the issues. When it comes to the American system of government, Gen-Yers are stunningly ignorant.

Within the last two weeks I have either overheard the following in a conversation or read it on a propaganda campaign piece:

“Bernie 2016: Because F** this S***”

“….what’s amazing is that there are still people out there who think that the Constitution is relevant; it’s so f*****g old!”

“Seriously, if Donald Trump is elected, I am moving to____.” (Cool, I thought. If all those with the same idea follows your lead, it’ll be and exodus of socialist excrement).

“….and that’s why we need to make sure that people understand that if you like the freeway, you like socialism; if you like public education, you like socialism.”

The fact that neither the freeway nor public education is socialism is moot. What matters is that millennials are ignorant to the reality that socialism properly defined is the centralized (State) control over private property, the means of production and the whole of industry. For the record, public education is not socialism because the means of production and distribution of goods (education) is not entirely in the hands of the federal government; states still have some control. Private schools, colleges and universities maintain total control which ensures free-market principles. Maintaining federal highways is ripe for constitutional debate; however, state and local roads are not.  They’re regulated by state localities, not federal ones. The same can be said for public service workers: fire and police departments, letter carriers et al; none are socialist.

Hillary Bernt

Bernie Sanders is no Gene Debs. Unlike voters of the early 20th century, Gen-Yers are flocking to the living, breathing Socialist-mummy. Debs ran as a Socialist candidate for POTUS five times, including 1900 (earning 0.63% of the popular vote), 1904 (2.98%), 1908 (2.83%), 1912 (5.99%), and 1920 (3.41%). The last time Debs ran from a prison cell. He was also a candidate for Congress in 1916. By contrast, Sanders, in the Wisconsin primary,  maintained his hypnotic grip on millennials, winning 82 percent of the votes cast from those under age 30 and 73 percent of all Democrats under 45. Likewise a staggering 83% majority of the under-30 vote in New Hampshire and 84% in the Iowa caucuses went to the self described socialist who said he’d raise taxes “a damn lot higher.”

Finally there’s this from the “No.  Seriously. ” desk.  In a poll from a year ago, Hillary Clinton won support from the majority of millennials who, at a 77 percent clip, were unable to name a Senator from their home State.

So why is it that millennials want a form of government that is responsible for the deaths of millions? Stupidity; they’re too stupid to understand what they’re advocating, especially in terms of economics. Moreover, do we really want people voting who advocate for killing laws that protect my right to call them blithering idiots to who think that Judge Judy is a SCOTUS Justice? These quirks might seem cute in a sort of oh-Bless-their-little-hearts kind of way. However, it is shocking to know that these kids are our future or future leaders who may wield an ounce of power without an understanding of our history–past or present.

Given their many shortcomings, we may not have to worry about them bum-rushing the ballot box. A recent survey shows that millennials are lazy, and they know it.

Yet, not all millennials are fraught with same symptoms of political ignorance. Stand-up organizations can be found here, here, here and here that give young people an outlet that supports the traditions and principles that made America the greatest country.

In Part 2 of our series on millennials, we’ll look at  how this group developed an entitlement attitude that was not prevalent in previous generations. 



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  • Kelly

    First I would like to say how much I enjoy reading your articles, this one especially. To state that millennials are lazy is an understatement in my opinion. I find that most are complete uninformed about politics and quite frankly just don’t care. However, there are those few groups that give us hope for the future generation.

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