BOYCOTT THE NFL: Are U tired of their liberal agenda?


NFL Circle Boycott


I have been steaming with the NFL for a while now. It may even go back to when they let Al Davis steal my Raiders away to Los Angeles. I grew up on the NFL. My grandparents were original season ticket holders for the Oakland Raiders going back to 1960–first Kezar, then Candlestick  and then Frank You’ll Field.

I started watching football about as soon as I could figure out how to turn on the TV. The Raiders were a contender by the mid sixties and the NFL broadcast on Super Bowl Sunday would feature the previous Super Bowl and highlights from the previous Super Bowls up to the present. I watched the second Super Bowl between my Raiders and the mighty Green Bay Packers. I was also watching the famous Heidi Game. It was 1968 and the New York Jets were our arch rivals. The Raiders had been in the Super Bowl but lost to Green Bay and we were hoping for a rematch. My Raiders won that game but I never saw it because the network cut away from the game and played Heidi. I remember going to the kitchen and telling my mom there was something wrong with the television. She accused me of daydreaming or falling asleep and missing the end of the game. The next day my story was validated in a front page article about the network messing up. My first live professional football game was the Monday night game in the inaugural season of Monday Night Football between the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders. Sonny Jurgensen was the Redskin QB and Darryl Lamonica the “Mad Bomber” was playing for the Raiders. It was AMAZING! The Raiders won the game and I was sold on football. I got my helmet and Raiders uniform for Christmas. We played tackle at the park and I thought I wanted to play football. Knee surgery in Junior High derailed those plans. I include this paragraph though to show how deeply embedded the game of football is in my psyche.

Heidi Game Gene Upshaw RaidersRaider LegendsMNF 1970 Raiders Redskins


Travis Vogan in his book,  Keepers of the Flame: NFL Films and the Rise of Sports Media captures the legendary status of Vince Lombardi, ” Wins alone do not explain his status as an American Icon that signifies leadership, work ethic, tradition and virtue.” The NFL had aligned itself with American values. Young boys went to football camps and came back as men. As a board member of the Modesto Broncos and as their Chaplain for the Varsity Team,  I watched and participated as the young boys were shaped and molded into men.  We taught the value of honesty, integrity, honor, family values, God, country, being your best, truthfulness and the greatness of these United States.

That is why I have been so angered by the recent behavior of the NFL.  It started for me when the NFL decided to chastise Chris Culliver of the San Francisco 49ers. Artie Lange who in 2013 cursed out Mike on the Howard Stern show, and has a history as a provocateur,  began the interview asking Chris how many white chicks he would bag before the Super Bowl. When Chris said none,  Artie pursued the homosexual relationship question. Chris Culliver was entrapped,  but the NFL and the San Francisco 49ers made an example of Chris–just like they paraded Michael Sam around the league. What killed that parade was the fact that Michael Sam was not an NFL level player. When the Culliver story broke I went looking at the higher ups in the NFL and the NFLPA, because the NFLPA came out very aggressively both in opposition to the Culliver statements and in warning anyone in the NFL against saying anything against Michael Sam. What did I discover? Demaurice Smith, the newly elected (2009) Executive Director of the NFLPA, has ZERO football experience. Never played a day in the NFL. He did however work for Eric Holder and he is closely tied to Barack Hussein Obama. Agenda? Keep reading.


NFL pushes gay agenda culliver


Next on the hit parade was the issue of gun control as related by Bob Costas on NBC Sunday Night Football. Seems Bob thinks us sports fanatics are just a bit off our rockers and not too smart. It’s people like us that put guns in the hands of crazy NFL players who are so incredibly out of their minds that they are running around shooting their spouses and themselves! And don’t get him started on us fans,  NFL and gun control, and the anti violence campaign. Because we are going to make the NFL (Not For Long) a non violent sport. TAG YOUR IT!


NFL gun control agernda


Then comes Beyonce in last years Super Bowl. What really gets me angry about this one is the link in time between her advocating for the New Black Panthers, the BLM and Louis Farrakhan and the speeches and threats that each of these groups made leading up to the performance. Starting with the Baltimore Riots of April 2015 which all began because Michael Brown decided to steal and then pummel the owner of the store he stole from. Then to make matters worse he decided to attack a police officer and got shot and killed. No it was not hands up don’t shoot. That spawned the New Black Panthers which were calling for death to cops along with the BLM as early as December 2014. In August of 2015 Louis Farrakhan called for 10.000 black males to rise up and start killing white people and cops. SO the NFL in spite of all of this decides that it would be a good idea for Beyonce to produce a half time show that offers support and encouragement for this violent behavior. BLOOD BOILING!



Beyonce Hypocrite


Now along comes Colin Kaepernick espousing anti American sentiments, disrespecting the flag which represents the blood of those who died to secure the freedoms he is supposedly upset he does not have. Using BLM and NBP talking points when talking about the oppression, then taking a direct shot at the police with the dead bodies on the streets and paid vacations comments. I watched Kaepernick play ball and I spent a great deal of time in the Central Valley of California where we held traditional family values and Constitutional American ideals. Where a white family took in a boy whose BLACK father abandoned him before he was ever born and gave him an amazing life. The NFL supported his decision while denying the Dallas Cowboys the right to honor five fallen police officers who were gunned down at a BLM march where one witness who was quickly dismissed noted that the crowd was yelling at and taunting the police with their hateful words. Where the local black activist on live TV called 5 dead police officers at a BLM event an “Irony” drawing a parallel to the narrative of police always unjustly shooting blacks. A position I will reemphasize is exactly what Kaepernick’s statement made loud and clear and is part of the BLM NBP Islamic agenda designed to foster murder and chaos on our streets against police, whites and infidels. This is Marxism 101 and the NFL is now complicit!



God Bless America Tebow Meme


Once upon a time there was a great league, but now there is a political puppet impersonating them. The NFL has abandoned the values and the moral compass that has made it so great and has bread the legendary status of men like Vince Lombardi. They have abandoned the very people who pay the bills and buy the products that make the league successful. They have insulted our fallen heroes and spit in the face of Blue Lives everywhere. When Tim Tebow leads his team to an 8 and 1 record and wins a playoff game but there is no room for him or his taking a knee, but there is rabid support for all of these other issues I have listed, then it is time for me to say so long to the NFL.





Pastor Greg Young
Pastor Greg is the Host of the Nationally Syndicated Radio show Chosen Generation, Where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. The show airs on Red State Talk Radio M-F 7 to 9 AM EDT, on WNJC1360 AM Philadelphia, New Jersey Delaware on the Conservative Commandos Radio Network Noon to 2 PM EDT M-F on IHeart Radio and on and their terrestrial stations in Long Beach CA, Las Vegas NV, Boulder CO, Macon, GA, Milwaukee WI, Tampa FL, Pittsburgh and Lancaster PA. Pastor Greg has been married for 30 years and has 5 kids and two grandkids. He resides in Texas. He has owned and operated numerous businesses over thirty five years and had a Nationally Syndicated Holy Hip Hop radio show called "A Dose of the Ghost".
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