Obama: The Other Carlos Danger!

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I am sure the President of the United States at this very moment and his former Secretary of State are in total damage control mode, scrambling to conceal the pseudonym he used while emailing back and forth onto an unsecured home brew server in Hillary Clinton’s New York basement.

I wonder if Obama used a cool name like Carlos Danger–the undercover name used by the husband of Hillary Clinton’s chief advisor. The now disgraced, serial sexual deviant,  Anthony Weiner used the Carlos Danger moniker while sexting awhile back. That maneuver, and many more like it,  involved him dropping his pants for a photographic biology lesson resulting in him losing his seat in Congress, his race for Mayor of New York,  his marriage and may soon cost him his freedom.  Seems the last time Weiner made his penis the center of photographic attention, the pictures were sent to a high school sophomore!  It seems Weiner didn’t realize such behavior isn’t only repugnant–but it is also a crime.

So what do you think Barack Obama used as his ‘Secret Agent Man’ name to email Hillary Clinton on her clandestine server? Maybe, he was The Other Carlos Danger. Maybe he was the Big Cheese or maybe he used a name more suspect like Barry Soetoro.

The possibilities are endless as to what name our Commander in Chief used to keep the Russians and the Chinese off his trail while communicating with Clinton through her private,unsecured server. More troubling, however, is the fact that Obama said he knew absolutely nothing about Clinton’s underground IT department until it was reported on the news. Well, it seems Obama has now been dragged into the Clintons unseemly world where truth is fiction, fiction fact and up is down. This must be a huge concern to Obama who seems more focused on his so-called ‘legacy’ than anything else these days. You see, it has now been exposed, in the glaring light of day, that Obama lied about his knowledge and understanding of the nature of Clinton’s email and email system.

This reminds me of Anthony Weiner– who at first denied his naughty sexual sexcapades and then insisted that he must have been framed.

It seems the latest dump of 200 documents by the FBI includes notes from an April 2016 interview with Huma Abedin. According to the notes Abedin said she didn’t recognize the Presidents email pen-name and then exclaimed, “how is this not classified?!” when she was shown some of the emails. This exchange that blew the cover off Obama’s daring secret communications happened on June 28, 2012.

The revelation that Obama not only knew about Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized email and server but communicated back and forth, came after the FBI revealed that pretty much everyone on Clinton’s staff that knew anything of value in the investigation was given immunity in the case. The information also puts yet another glaring spotlight on FBI Director James Comey who earlier this year said Clinton had been ‘extremely reckless’ in her conduct but said she lacked ‘intent’ and therefore would not charge the Democratic Presidential nominee with any crime.

The White House is not saying what the Presidents fake-name was in the emails and, in fact, isn’t saying anything. Federal lawyers are also scrambling and pointing to ‘executive privilege’ to refuse any release of the correspondence.

So in the meantime it leaves us the chance to speculate on what the name might be.

Here are a few names that might have worked:

-Carlos Danger II

-Deep Throat

-The Man in the Yellow Hat

-Agent 99

-Rich Uncle Pennybags

-Mr. Clean

-Vic Putin

-Mike Romney

-Cosmos Kramer

What is not funny is that Barack Obama has joined Hillary Clinton in lying to America and with a straight face. I wonder how the White House and Josh Earnest will try to spin this into ‘you don’t understand’ you see the President didn’t realize….blah, blah, blah.

It is a question that should certainly come up during Monday nights Presidential debate but I doubt we will hear about it. NBC and the other major networks will continue to shield Hillary from criticism but this one may be too much to contain.

In the meantime, the honest media is working overtime in an effort to uncover the secret name of the most powerful man in the world who may have put national secrets in harms way with his own reckless behavior.

Anthony Weiner may well be guilty of dropping his pants to show off his plumbing to a high school kid. But even more concerning is the fact that Barack Obama may have dropped all good sense by using unsecure emails to send classified information to his Secretary of State, Hllary Clinton.

Steve Gruber
Steve Gruber is a syndicated conservative radio talk show host with a very unique resume’ and view of the world. Steve began a career in broadcast as a TV reporter in the 1980’s. His passion for finding the best story and the bottom line soon led him to NBC News as an investigative reporter. Steve however wanted more than the corporate news machine and soon ventured into the world of outdoor adventure TV. His personality has been a fixture on Outdoor Channel since 1994 as he has shared his stories from 15 countries around the world and nearly all US states and Canadian provinces. Genuine is a word that is often used to describe Steve by those that know him best. “The guy you hear on the radio is the same guy you meet on the street”, he often says. That certainly rings true. Raised in rural Southern Michigan, he learned his appreciation for words from his mother, a schoolteacher for more than 30 years. His dedication to science, math and specificity came from his father, who spent a career with Dow Chemical. His passion for honesty and common sense drive the conversation every day. Being an American is the pivotal fact of my life. I owe it all to this great nation for without America nothing else in my life would have been possible, period. My wife, my children and my life all spring from this foundation of freedom, liberty and God given rights recognized by our founders. I can never repay the debt I owe to this nation, may it never perish from the earth. –Steve Gruber
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