Love Trumps Hate?

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This past weekend, after this crazy election, I decided to rest and relax in Incline Village, NV. However, my rest and relaxation was rudely interrupted by two “Nasty Women:”  unhealthy and unhappy Hillary supporters.

As I was sitting at the Hyatt hotel, in Incline Village, NV, watching college ball, they noticed my camouflage “Make America Great Again” hat and they unwisely thought that this was their opportunity to verbally and physically assault me.  It did not end well for them.

Rule number one:  Don’t mess with a person wearing a camo hat.

Rule number two:  Don’t mess with a Trump supporter wearing a camo hat.

I ensured that a report was filed with hotel security and security charged them with a trespassing violation and banned them from the premises for 30 days.  Statements were given to the Incline Village police. I could have charged them with battery, but instead, chose to let God, the police and the hotel handle the matter. Next time, and there will be a next time, I won’t be as lenient.

Dear Hillary hags: The hat is not coming off.  You lost. Deal with it.

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  • Kellie Pavlov

    Hey Megan!

    I am a female, college educated, millenial deplorable (from Henderson, NV)and both my husband and I voted for TRUMP!! We are sooo GLAD he won! I heard on the radio what those nasty, Hilary hags did to you over the past weekend and it shows how low class, pathetic, and intolerant they are!!! I am so glad you videotaped the whole thing! You go girl!! You have a lot of guts and I wish there were more strong, kick-ass female conservative voices out there like you! Keep lighting that torch of truth and I always enjoy hearing your commentaries on Kevin Wall and Wayne Root’s show on 790am radio!!!

    • ReaganBaby

      Thank you, Kellie! I hope you call in to the station some time! I would love to take your call. MAGA!

  • Jim Reed

    I think it was a mistake by not having these two people arrested for assault. By not following through you just empowered them to continue on with their hate. I don’t believe I would have been as easy going as you were. Kudos. I’m not sure I would have handled it with such grace and dignity.

  • gerald

    way to go just heard you on trevor carey show i dont think its over i think its just begining had to replace trump sign several times . after the election someone left 100$ s worth of baloons on my mail box by my sign . keep on keepin on go trump

  • Shanna Bryce

    Way to go Megan, proud of you for knocking down the Hillary hags. It always amazes me that the “oh so tolerant leftists” are the most rude, intolerant and immature people around. Conservatives have lost elections and that only serves to energize us while the left can only whine, cry and destroy.. poor babies ? Keep up the fight and all of us deplorables are with you.. MAGA!!???

  • Michelle

    Confused how this was posted on Nov 15th when this happened only last night? We were at the casino when this “played out.” Yesterday was the 17th, was it not? Being there last night, I would recommend not provoking others for the benefit of “gotcha” footage, particularly in a time when we need to be coming together as a nation, not looking for ways to tear us further apart. Peace.

    • ReaganBaby

      Let me clear your confusion. The casino can too, as well as the Incline Village police department,but they are unavailable for comment at this time. It happened on Saturday evening at 9:10pm. I could not upload the video until Monday due to the size of video and the awful bandwidth of the internet connection. Furthermore, “gotcha footage” was agreed to by the ladies when they agreed to be famous. I regret that I didn’t start taping these two charmers earlier as they were calling me the most vile names in the book. Internal misogyny, maybe? I was there in peace. They are the ones who chose to verbally harass me and physically assault me. Battery charges and a civil lawsuit could be filed because of my evidence, hotel camera evidence, and police reports and feed back. Therefore, if you believe that their behavior is somehow justified, you are part of the problem. By the way, the hat is not coming off. Together, we can MAGA. Peace.

  • Janet

    These nasty liberals need to get a grip and move on!!! If they had half a brain they would see that Trump is the right man to turn this country around. We voted for Trump here on Reno, NV and we’re damned proud of it!!! Stay strong and stand proud! Glad that you got these whack jobs on tape!! Way to go!!!!

  • art

    Megan; I listen to you on Kevin Wall’s show as often as possible and I enjoy your insight and commentary. You are, IMO, much brighter and more articulate then any of the talking hag shrieking harpies on the Left and I include Megyn Kelly in that group. Hope you have a festive Thanksgiving with your family and am looking forward to listening to you on Friday when you fill in for Kevin.

    • ReaganBaby

      Thank you so much Art. Have a very Merry Christmas. I will be hosting Kevin’s show through the holidays. I look forward to a call from you!

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