What Tomi Lahren and the Libertarians missed



You know it’s interesting listening to all the arguments about the Tomi Lauren issue. Of course, many are using it to pile on to Glenn Beck, who has set himself up by castigating President Trump and attacking Senator Ted Cruz after he endorsed President Trump. But that is not what this is about.

Tomi Lahren became a media darling. A grassroots darling. She is the Fox News blonde with attitude. She said what the movement wanted to hear and she was beautiful. The Blaze noticed and gave her a platform. Fans flocked to her. She was articulate and unafraid to say what many were thinking and she was, dare I say it, sexy. But, she was unabashedly libertarian. Now I have great respect for the idea of libertarianism. That being said my issue with that ideology has been the lack of a moral compass. It is the safe version for conservatives because it is limited government and pro individual rights. It is the ultimate place for a conservative atheists to go hang their hat. That is the real issue.

John Adams said our constitution was fit only for a moral people. The original 13 colonies all had provisions in their constitutions that made belief in Holy scripture and Jesus Christ mandatory. Why you ask? Because they knew that the only way to assure an honest government was for the men serving to truly believe that they would one day be held accountable by a real being superior to them whom they could not buy off with money or power. They held a deeply inherent belief in a final judgement and an immutable judge was the only defense against the evil lurking in the hearts of men. This is the libertarian problem. Absolute freedom with no absolute values is a one way ticket to doom and destruction. So, when Tomi would tout her libertarian roots, we should have all seen what was coming.

Now to the issue. Those siding with Tomi Lahren are falling into two categories. One, they hate Glenn Beck and they want to see him fail. Tow, they have not listened to what she said, yet, perhaps, principle is not that important. Tomi said that to be a constitutional freedom supporter you HAVE TO BE PRO CHOICE. Read it again! Tomi proclaimed that only a hypocrite could be pro constitution and pro life. Yet, the supporters of Tomi attack those who question her logic and have flipped the topic to, “Conservatives must be pro choice”. Or pro life and pro choice should coexist under conservatism. Which makes the point about liberty without a moral compass.

Whats missing?  Three Principles. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The value placed on life. You can’t have liberty and freedom if you have no Life to assign it to. Life is a part of the underlying foundation of the Constitution.  If the pursuit of Life superseded Liberty in the list, as there is also a first amendment which supersedes the second, then likely there is a reason. Remember the “Moral People ” quote? The first amendment means that the second amendment won’t be used for immoral purposes. While the second defends the rights of those practicing the first. Can you see the picture? What good is liberty if you have no life? How does one pursue happiness when dead? Yes, I am a Christian and to be absent the body and present with Christ is joyous, but that is not this conversation. This conversation is the intrinsic value of life which is an unalienable right granted by God. For Tomi to take the position of pro-choice, or termination of a life,n as some libertarian virtue simply, then this proves the problem with the Libertarian movement and the misplaced support of those attacking the pro life community, as we try to correct an otherwise valuable member of the movement.

To those who are encouraging Tomi to be pro-choice, please consider where you stand on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Tom Lauren, would you please consider your statement as well? We would love to have your voice, but it all begins with the value of life–and we value yours.

Pastor Greg Young
Pastor Greg is the Host of the Nationally Syndicated Radio show Chosen Generation, Where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. The show airs on Red State Talk Radio M-F 7 to 9 AM EDT, on WNJC1360 AM Philadelphia, New Jersey Delaware on the Conservative Commandos Radio Network Noon to 2 PM EDT M-F on IHeart Radio and on AMFM247.com and their terrestrial stations in Long Beach CA, Las Vegas NV, Boulder CO, Macon, GA, Milwaukee WI, Tampa FL, Pittsburgh and Lancaster PA. Pastor Greg has been married for 30 years and has 5 kids and two grandkids. He resides in Texas. He has owned and operated numerous businesses over thirty five years and had a Nationally Syndicated Holy Hip Hop radio show called "A Dose of the Ghost".
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